• LTL/FTL Truck load

We provide less-than-truckload services wherein we help you in shipping small loads. Sometimes, one of the shipping needs is to transport goods in small numbers and in short time. Our service will not only help the client in shipping goods on time but also transport them safely.
On the other hand, FTL service is vice-versa of LTL. You can get your full truckload shipped from one location to other safely and on time.

  • Cross Docks

Loading and unloading trucks from one vehicle to another. These services are being used amount of clients and are best suited for mostly all the shippers transporting heavy loads.

  • In House Truck Repair Shop

An easily accessible service like in house shop comes handy when trucks encounter any problem with the functioning of its parts. As trucks also take long routes, they need to be properly checked and prepared before it leaves. These shops help in making the work done faster and less time consuming.

  • 24X7 Dispatches

We provide 24×7 dispatching to ensure that our clients have access to our services at any point of time.

  • Warehousing

Warehouses or yards in our case, provides extra space and good handling of goods. This helps in storing the supply until it is required to be shipped.

  • Specialized Services

This includes google map services on the screen inside the truck as well as fridge included with the truck to make sure the driver is well taken care of who is ultimately carrying your stuff.

  • Reefer

Our trucks containers are fully refrigerated so that the goods reach their destination in good condition. These help us to maintain any required temperature we want according to the stuff that has to be shipped.

  • Dry Van

This system of enclosed vehicles is used by us to make sure that your goods are safe inside the truck while it is on the road.

  • Expedite

If you need a help with the equipment when you face breakdowns, we are here to look after everything

  • Heating/Temperature Control

Our trucks are fully heated or cold depending upon the goods supplied in it. The temperature control system helps us to control the temperature whenever required.

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